We’re always in the forefront of logistics industry, with high quality, efficient innovation and advanced technology we provide  a package "tailored" logistics solutions to cath up with diversified demand from our great clients.

I Truck-airline 
1, Shuttle bonded truck between Hongkong to South China , global airline and shipping line to HKG have been extend to South China. We succeed all the advantages of Hong Kong international shipping center, and more convenient than local operating in Hong Kong.

2. Shuttle truck between ASEAN to South China, we combine the new manufacturing base and Chinese factory. This line already show more advantages than old shipping & airline to Vietnam and Burma and other Southeast Asian countries. More saving cost, more steady schedule, more efficient function.

3, Seamless link to global Marine and air transport, directly send designated warehouse, dock, airport;

4, Easy self-help customs declaration.

II Sea-air freight
shipping to Singapore, air relay in the Middle East, Africa, etc;

III Road-air freight
A single international bill of lading, same as HongKong direct flight to mainland,  but run at HongKong initiate by trucks to Shenzhen airport, relay with domestic flight to any mainland city.It has more advantage and convenience than direct flights from Hong Kong to the mainland;

IV Rail-sea & air freight 
The Silk Road to Central Asia and eastern Europe via Cross-border railway.